Stand Alone Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System
*not 510(k) cleared for use in the United States 

*not 510(k) cleared for use in the United States

This technology improves osseointegration through the combination of high wettability and optimal surface chemistry (with optimized nano-roughness) that mediates bioactivity and specific protein adsorption to the implant.

Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions’ PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced is a material enhancement in spinal device technology. Hydroxyapatite (HA), a well-known osteoconductive material, is fully integrated with PEEK-OPTIMA® Natural, making it available on all surfaces of a device.

EVOSha is the first HA enhanced PEEK Lumbar Interbody system to be FDA cleared (i.e. 510k) in the United States.

Coming Soon

Take a look at our implant systems in development. *these products are not 510(k) cleared for sale in the United States.