our biologics distribution portfolio includes:

The ideal open-cell bioceramic scaffold for posterolateral spinal fusion procedures.

  • CERACELL® is based on curasan’s proprietary pure-phase β-TCP technology1 and is additionally doped with silicate to enhance the mechanical stability and simultaneously offering high porosity.
  • The porosity of ≥75% provides a large surface and allows for vascularization and cell nutrition at micro-; meso-; and macro-levels.
  • The interconnected pores allow for timely physiological resorption of the biomimetic bone substitute and new bone formation at inner and outer level of the scaffold.
  • The particle size (< 15μm) prevents phagocytosis (wound healing disorder) and hydrolytic degeneration of the β-TCP+Si scaffold.
  • The resorption time and new bone formation is designed to mimic autologous bone.

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Osteo.P™ bone graft material is a radiolucent bone void filler composed of a porous, osteoconductive polymeric carbohydrate with a trabecular structure simulating the multi-dimensional interconnectivity of human cancellous bone. When placed in direct contact with host bone, Osteo.P™ supports and guides the ingrowth of new bone across the graft site and resorbs as the healing process occurs. The consistency of Osteo.P™ allows the surgeon to easily manipulate and maximize the direct contact with viable host bone. Osteo.P™ is intended for single patient use only and is provided sterile in a one-time use double sterile packaging. Osteo.P™ is available in various forms to include granules, sheets, wedges, washers and cylinders.

Osteo.P™ Granules and Preforms are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice facility. Due to its synthetic manufacturing process, Osteo.P™ polymer carbohydrate shows reliable quality and standardized biomechanical properties.