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The Best Spine and Medical Industry Articles

  • Posted on:  Monday, 08 June 2015 12:39
  • Written by  cutting edge spine

The Best Spine and Medical Industry Articles—Week of July 6, 2015.

The art, science, and business of spine naturally allows for exciting, inspiring, and interesting online news each and every week. Here are several big stories from spine and medicine this week:


Spine Surgeons Discuss their Practice Technology Must-Haves

Spine surgeons know that advancements in medical technology will be important for successful patient care delivery in the future. Becker’s Spine polled five surgeons across the United States about their technology must-haves for their spine practice.
Among the crucial pieces of Med Tech for these MDs are safe and effective Electronic Medical Records and Biologics.

Does HIPAA Apply to Journalists?

ESPN Reporter Adam Schefter is under fire for tweeting a photo of NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul’s finger amputation medical records this past week. Pierre-Paul’s finger was irreparably damaged in an Independence Day fireworks accident, which led to the amputation.
While the media’s release of the medical records photo did not violate HIPAA law, the hospital worker who released the records to ESPN and Schefter did. While Schefter did not break any laws, he may still be involved in the investigation of the worker who leaked the release. Social media and television opinion has varied from support of Schefter’s work to feelings that he violated the “spirit of the law” with the tweet.

NBA and GE Healthcare Collaborate to Promote Long-Term Orthopedic Health

The NBA and GE Healthcare announced in a press release this week that they will collaborate on orthopedic and sports medicine research to benefit the health and wellness of NBA players as well as all athletes across the general population. The partnership will focus on joint health, overuse, and acute injuries.
The effort’s goals are to promote health and wellness, reduce injuries, lengthen athletic careers, and improve post-career orthopedic health.

UVA Wins National Patient Safety and Orthopedics Awards

University of Virginia Medical Center has earned two 2015 national Women’s Choice Awards for general patient safety and patient satisfaction in orthopedics. The Patient Safety award recognizes hospitals with low surgical complication rates and low infection rates.
The orthopedics award highlights medical facilities that have received excellent patient satisfaction rates. Each hospital considered must provide comprehensive orthopedic care, including arthroscopic surgery, joint replacements, and spine surgery, as well as onsite MRIs and physical therapy.
For more spine, orthopedics, and medical industry news, follow the official CES blog all year long.


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